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Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing and its website have been providing marketing help, tips and information for manufacturers and distributors, primarily in the United States, for many years.

For example, Creative Marketing has provided comprehensive marketing plans for many companies over the years.

Another example was a free SIC database listing, by product, which allowed a company to search for qualified sales prospects from our 20,000,000 American company database. Most of these records contained a contact name, title, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, SIC number, business description, annual sales, number of employees and their website address. This data provided a valuable source for finding prospective customers.

Other examples of tips (most were free of charge) included:
  A 10-page white paper advising how long to keep corporate records
  A free booth in the Industrial Web Trade Show with over 6000 exhibitors
  Free leads from our list of 20,000,000 U.S. companies
Plus many other tips and information for manufacturers and distributors.

Creative Marketing is changing our direction and goals. We will release a new website when we have completed our transformation. We hope that you will be able to benefit from our new activities in the future.

Thank you for your interest in our company and its services.